Meredith Baxter (from the show Family Ties with Michael J. Fox) and Anna Marie having fun at the Southern Women's Show in Nashville, TN. Home Stager and Designer Anna Marie  was awarded "Best of Design" out of 1000 participates at the Nashville and Orlando Shows.

Arizona Home Staging and Interior Design

Staging in San Tan Valley, Arizona - The Christopher Street Home

There's more to staging than meets the eye. Sometimes it's in the soul.

Do you believe in divine intervention or maybe spiritual guidance? You know that there is someone watching over you.

      It was the name of the street that hit me first when Mario the realtor gave me the address of the home he wanted me to stage. Christopher street hit me like a ton of bricks. I just knew that I would stage this home and it would sell immediately. I related my feeling to Mario. I told him that Christopher was the name of a brother that had died long ago and I had a good feeling about the home. Viewing the home, I felt a peace. I saw all kinds of possibilities to stage the home even though it needed a lot of updating. I consulted with Mario and the owner Marc as to what I thought needed to be done to improve the home in order to sell it. Nothing major that some paint and updated appliances, light fixtures, blinds, new carpet, and bathroom mirrors wouldn't do the trick.

     Then the magic begins with the staging. How do you decide exactly on the staging design? Well, look at the neighborhood first. The home sat behind an elementary school and there were numerous children riding bikes in the neighborhood. That tells me there will be a young family with children buying this home. More than likely a first time home buyer. You want the home to not only appeal to the adults, but to the children. Hence the trending farmhouse theme with fun artwork I displayed in the home and yet a romantic master bedroom for the adults. It's a balancing act.

     I am also a professional photographer besides a designer. They go hand in hand as I feel it is an artistic thing. As an artist all my life, you just gravitate toward vocations that are artistic. I gave Mario the Christopher home photographs on a late Monday morning and he had them online by the afternoon. That evening there was an offer on the home. That told the realtor and owner more offers would be coming in. I was getting texts from realtors on how beautiful the home was staged. Mario said it was more than he expected that the home was staged better than he thought and the photographs were awesome. Everyone loved what the photographs portrayed. More offers came in. The owner had to decide what to do. In a couple of days there was a contract on the Christopher home.

     Then I find out that the Christopher home was closing on my brother's Chrisy's birthday. At that point there was no doubt in my mind that my brother was still watching over me.

     I always send out a thank you card to my clients. So, I looked in my files for Marc's address in Canada to mail him a thank you card. I thought I was seeing things but I saw Marc lived on "Stanley" Drive. I had to do a double take. The reason that just floored me was because my dad who has since passed away use to call me Stanley. That was my nickname. He called me Stanley and I called him Ollie as he was the heavy one and I was the skinny one. You see we worked together all my life doing electrical work and plumbing besides many other trades he taught me throughout my life.  We would be working and call each other Stanley and Ollie. When things weren't going as we wanted or expected one of us would say, "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into Stanley!" When my dad and best friend died at his bedside I tearfully said, "This is another fine mess you've gotten me into Ollie! Now, what am I going to do without you? Who will I ask for advice or how to do things?"

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Home Staging 6 Top Tips to Sell Faster and Make More Money

Since the hit show HGTV has been promoting home staging, today's home buyers now have new expectations on how a home should look like and are willing to pay a lot more for a home that looks like a "model home." Home staging is becoming more of a standard in today's Real Estate market. You get more buyers looking at your home as Realtors promote a staged home more. Realtors love showing a professionally staged home as they know they are more likely to sell a home that looks like a "model home." This is a faster sale for them.

1) Get rid of the clutter

The very first suggestion to our clients at Staging PaysOff is to reduce personal clutter. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than seeing clutter. It goes without saying, the room looks smaller. People cannot envision their belongings in the space and will think that their furniture will never fit.

2) Paint if necessary

Paint is the cheapest way to transform a home. I love color. However to appeal to the majority of the buyers try to use more neutral colors. That doesn’t mean everything has to be white or beige. An accent wall where appropriate is appealing. Lighter colors are better. Home staging in Arizona, I have had many homes sell immediately with just the change of color and some freshly painted walls.

If your room seems a bit too dark, add a piece of artwork that makes "LIGHT."

After photo when the color is neutralized to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. Notice how artwork pops on a lighter wall.                        

3) Most Important Spaces to Stage

Concentrate on updating and redesigning the most important spaces first. The kitchen and master bath are judged first. Over 30% of the buyer’s decision is based on the kitchen. These are the interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale, so they need to look top notch. Painting outdated cabinets is the cheapest facelift you can give your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I had a home I was staging in Gilbert, Arizona where the only update to the kitchen I recommended was to paint the cabinets white. After staging the living room, dining area and updating the kitchen cabinets this home that wouldn’t sell, sold within the week.

4) Staging with Art

Most people don’t consider art as part of selling a home, let alone staging a home. Art is so important and yet so forgotten. Go big and go colorful where needed! Take down all the little photos and small pieces hanging on your walls. All you need is a select few pieces that complement your wall and décor colors. I find staging in Arizona that homes lack so much personality because the beautiful art is missing. It’s like getting all dressed up and forgetting to put your shoes on.

Art doesn't have to be a canvas. It can be a gorgeous print or a photograph that gives the room that "WOW" it needs.

5) Stage the Outside

You know what they say about curb appeal; the exterior is the first impression a buyer perceives about your home and whether or not they even want to look inside. Take some time to clean up the front yard and stage the front entrance or porch if you are lucky to have one. I was recently called to a home that I was staging in Chandler, Arizona when the neighbor came over and asked me to specifically stage the exterior of her home. A couple of the things I did were to arrange some potted plants in the covered, exterior entryway with a vintage table and two chairs. I added accessories to the table and hung a piece of artwork above it. What a pretty, colorful curb appeal picture it made for her online photographs.

This exterior is simple, but clean and neat, portraying a home that must be the same inside.

6) Staging Photography

Beautiful photographs are one of the most important elements of staging a home to sell. There are no two ways about it! Statistics show 9 out of 10 buyers look online before deciding to visit the homes that appeal to them. In order to get great photos you have to have your home looking its best. At Staging PaysOff photography is included when we are staging homes because it is essential to the sale of any house today. In our modern world, the right staging and the right photographs sell a home 67% faster and for more money.

How much more money would you make if you could get 10% more on the sale of your home? Why leave money on the table?

Statisics show that HSR Certified Professional Stagers average 10% more money for their clients and their staged homes sell 50%-67% faster.

Staging doesn't cost - it pays for itself many times over! It Pay$ Off!

What is involved in professional staging?

What does it cost to bring in a certified professional home stager?

Why would I need to stage if the market is so good?

I think I'm pretty good at decorating, why can't I stage my own home?

Why can't home buyers just visual the rooms differently in my home and ignore my decor taste and empty rooms.