The Real Estate tycoon and Investor from the hit show "Shark Tank" Barbara Corcoran knows Home Staging is a necessity in today's Real Estate Market. It Pays Off...

After making a desperate price reduction of $50,000 on her parent’s beautifully kept home, a Today Show viewer asked real estate expert, Barbara Corcoran, if the home would sell better if she removed the home's dated furnishings.

​Corcoran’s advice: Never list a home without furniture. Stage it!

List More Homes, Make More Money and Sell Faster!

Homes that have been Professionally Staged, statistically sell 50%-67% faster and for 6%-10% more. For an average home that's $20,000-$50,000 more. With this kind of a windfall in each home, how can you afford NOT to use a Professional Home Stager?  Before you reduce the price of the home and slash your profits call us. Having a reputation for being the agent who helps sellers make bigger profits on their homes and sell fast is critical to long term success as an agent. There is no better marketing tool than referrals and word-of-mouth.

9 out of every 10 buyers start their home buying search by viewing the home online. In today's home market it's a must that the photos are of professionally staged rooms! We offer both; Professional Staging and Professional Photography. Your One Stop Shopping for Success!

Ask about our "Partnership with an HSR Certified Professional"

Some of the benefits to you as an agent...

List more homes by enhancing your listings by bringing in a certified professional stager to do home consultations and reports.  Our goal is to  make you look top notch in your field, list more homes so you don't waste time walking away without the listing, and in turn make more money and sell homes faster...

  • We are Real Estate Savvy!  Involved within the Real Estate business since 1983, we know the local Real Estate market, the do's and don't's, what it takes to list and sell a home, and how to make the most commissions. Who better to partner with than a professional stager who knows and understands your business?
  • Professional Photography!  Homes are sold online first by the photographs. The competition demands a beautifully staged home along with professional photographs. We offer professional photography when we stage a home or photography services that are needed at any time.
  • Winning your clients over is easy!  We give you educational hand-outs and easy to understand materials that help your clients see why staging is so important in the sale of their home and why and how the staging process works and benefits them.
  • We have you covered! The home isn't selling and you know why. The dilemma you now have is how do you tell your client diplomatically that their home isn't selling because "it's a mess," "it's outdated looking," or "pink kitchen walls are not in trend today?" We know how to handle this for you so that your client will not be offended. As a certified and accredited professional stager they realize we are experts in the field and we are advising and making recommendations in their best interest to help sell their home for top dollar.
  • We help to sell your listings! We show your clients how their home can sell faster and for more profit with less stress when their home is "show ready." By giving them a photo-filled fully detailed report that shows your client how to make this easily happen, you'll look professional and the client knows exactly what needs to be done to help sell their home.
  • Partner Discounts! We offer pre-paid volume discounts for Real Estate Agents that have multiple listings.

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