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Vacant home staging to fit your budget and time   

Make your home stand out from the crowd


Vacant homes sit for a long time. If you want to get that home sold you must give buyers a "visual stage" so they can see themselves and their family living there. Online photos of empty rooms do not give buyers the incentive to take the first step to want to view the home. Buyers that do view the home see it as boring, unattractive, and do not get excited about buying the vacant home as it gives them no ideas of what to do with the space. It makes them think they have to spend a ton of money decorating and furnishing the space when this isn't true at all. Just look at any builder's model homes and how beautifully they are staged. Buyers can imagine themselves living there, entertaining in that home, their children growing up in those perfectly decorated themed bedrooms.

Vacant homes are especially in need of staging. Not only do they take longer to sell but comparatively they get the lowest price. But that doesn't need to be. You can profit far more just by having the vacant home "Professionally Staged."

 We offer solutions and options that other staging companies do not.

  • Starting with a preview of the vacant home to assess it, we will provide you with a "Good, Better, Best option" so you can decide what fits your budget best. We work within your budget providing you with not only an economical solution but also a creative beautiful transformation that buyers will fall in love with.
  • Affordable does not mean cheap looking! No matter what option you choose we make your vacant home look like a beautiful model home that buyers will first fall in love with online viewing our professional "after photos" and entice them to physically look at your home resulting in a faster sale and a fantastic return on your investment.

Please see my latest vacant home staging featured on my Portfolio Page.

You will see why my staged homes sell fast.

Also read the fascinating story behind this vacant home staging job at my DESIGN BLOG.

Since all vacant homes require different staging needs we can not offer pricing here but will visit the property for a free consultation.

(Home must be cleaned and prepped prior to stager arriving as we want to spend every minute working to transform your home)

Not all vacant staging is equal. You get what you pay for!

Before you decide to go with the lowest price review the creativity of the stager. We have ideas on spaces that one would never think of with furnishings & accessories that will showcase your homes best features giving it that gorgeous model home look.


We know how to merchandise and accessorize which make us EXPERT SHOPPERS who can shop for you saving you lots of money and time. Since we are Certified Home Stagers and Redesigners we get "to the trade" discounts at many popular stores. We know WHAT that room needs to complete the look and we know WHERE to get it!

​Shopping Services $50 per hour